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Motoring along: Boat insurance in Kailua, Hawaii

You probably have the boat prepped year-round. Your boating license is valid and you’ve planned outings with family and friends weeks in advance, but have you looked at your boat insurance? There are many coverage options available in Kailua, Hawaii and using a local, independent agent guarantees that you will have many coverage options, so […]

Rainy day coverage: Flood Insurance

The definition of a flood can be tricky as most people associate a flood with a large body of water overflowing wreaking havoc throughout an area, but floods come in many different shapes and sizes. In terms of flood insurance, any water that comes into your home from an outside source (not a burst pipe, […]

Generator safety 101

At some point you may have lost power and depending on for how long, you may have gone and purchased a generator. Some purchase generators for the “just-in-case” scenario, while others use them for running a small shop. Regardless of why you have a back-up generator, they can be a great tool for helping to […]

Rental car coverage: Do you have enough?

You know (or should know) exactly what your auto insurance covers if you get into an accident with your vehicle. But what if you are driving a vehicle that is not yours, specifically what if you are driving a rental car? Whether it be for a business trip, vacation or just a loaner while your […]

Replacement Cost vs. Actual Cash Value – What do they Mean?

An insurance policy usefulness is determined by the policy language used. Specific policy language determines what is covered, what is excluded and the amounts covered under the policy. Reviewing your insurance policy language every now and again may be helpful in the event of a claim, as you would have a better understanding of what […]

Closing the Gap: Do I need gap insurance?

Congratulations, you just bought a new (or new to you) car! You were able to afford a down payment and now you are the proud owner of a new car and a monthly car payment. But, what happens if your car becomes involved in an accident and you owe more than your car is worth? […]